Artemis IRS is a new holding company for the Whitsunday Mooring and Marine Construction (“WMMC”) group of companies.

WMMC commenced business in 2007. For the past 9 years, WMMC has specialised in port maintenance including mooring and commercial diving services.​ It was from this specialisation that WMMC recognised a major void in the automation of large scale non-destructive testing.

From there, the company expended 1 Million aud. over 30 months in R&D, completing prototyping and proving out the Automated Structural Inspection System (ASIS) technology and its advantages.

The company is currently developing novel robotic inspection technology to enable automated structural inspections of, and reporting upon, the surface and interior integrity of underwater and terrestrial infrastructure facilities.

Artemis’ robot uses a number of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies such as laser scanning and ultrasonic testing to increase inspection precision and accuracy and minimise the need for skilled manual labour.

Artemis’ robotic NDT technology marks a paradigm shift in the infrastructure maintenance and repair industry, yielding millions in cost and time savings for managers of port facilities. Ultimately, the technology will herald in a new era of inspection standards for a plethora of marine applications ranging from steel shell pilings to bridges to small privately-owned vessels and eventually buildings and roads.

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Artemis IRS

ASIS scanning a marine steel shell piling.